How One Man Overcame His Addiction & Changed His Life

Having grown up in an alcoholic home, Eric was familiar with the damaging effects alcohol can have on a person and their family. Eric had vowed to not become like those around him but his life at home had taken its toll and at a young age Eric found his escape in drugs and alcohol.  For over two decades, Eric was a prisoner to the disease of addiction and in those years, checked into 60 detoxes and was in and out of treatment facilities. One constant remained – Eric was admittedly not willing to deal with the painful, underlying issues that led to his substance use disorder. After an attempt to take his own life, Eric found himself in a hospital and knew that the only option left was to get help.

Eric reached out to Herren Project and his life has never been the same. Herren Project was able to get Eric into a sober living facility through the Herren Project Recovery Scholarship program and supported him along the way, whether it was finding him a ride to a meeting or introducing him to new people. Additionally, Herren Project provided Eric with a recovery coach to guide Eric early on in his recovery journey and work on the underlying issues that kept Eric from succeeding in the past.

Today, Eric celebrates the gift of recovery through helping others.  He is an active member in the Herren Project alumni group and ran with Team Herren Project in the Falmouth Road Race raising money for the cause that helped him.  Eric now has his family back and has worked on rebuilding his relationships with loved ones, which he describes as, “nothing but a miracle.”

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